Famous Philosophers

(Charles de Montesquieu & John Locke)

John Locke

-His Life-

John Locke's life started in August 29, 1632 in Wrington, Somorset located in England. He's father was a soldier who fought in english civil war and was a puritan lawyer. When John grew up he became a philosopher and a writer, but a writer for the government. John wrote books and essays in people's point of view not the governments.He impacted the colonization of America when they were setting up the government and what he wrote impacted the americans thinking on how to set it up. He believed in "political equality.... and that citizens had the right to find other rulers if government didn't protect their rights." This is how the americans thought to set up the government in the new world because of John's writing. John Locke died in October 28, 1704 but his books and essays are still used for the government and his beliefs helped the set up of a new government in a new world.
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Charles de Montesquieu

~His Life~

Charles de Montesquieu was a famous philosopher who changed the new world with his writing. He believed that the development and meaning of laws was more important than a typical study of law. The way things were brought up to oppose tyranny would help new places develop their own democracy. Montesquieu suggested that separating certain powers would be necessary. This influenced several constitutions and documents made by the new world and helped lay a fair basis for other governments and seceding countries. His work impacted the world.
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