Helpful Videos for New GAVS Teacher

Student videos and How To videos

Alan Hendrick

Dear New Teacher,
I have made several videos for my own mentees to use with their students and others to show how to preform many tasks in D2L. I have uploaded them here for you to view.

Getting Started with GAVS Videos for Students

These first three videos are for students getting started in GAVS. You can display or make for yourself in a welcome email or post on your homepages.

Group Enrollment and Downloading Syllabus/Schedule Document

Viewing Content, Posting Discussions, and News Announcements

Submitting Assignments to the Dropbox, Taking Quizzes, and Viewing Feedback

How do I do that thing in D2L? Helpful Videos (More Coming Later...)

How do I Access and Make Entries into the Communication Log?
(Make sure you also put the date and time of entry into every log)

Turning on Eyeballs in the Gradebook

Pasting Schedules into Announcements

Manual Group Enrollment
(Enrolling Students in a Group Yourself)

Grades Are Updated Email.docx
(Sample Email I send to and parents/students every grading period)

Welcome Email Samples (Text and Videos)