Anne Frank

An Extraordinary Young Girl

Millions of People

There were millions of people that didn’t survive the Holocaust in World War ll, and the world knows that it was a devastating tragedy. Many people kept diaries, notebooks, journals, or papers describing their journey through the tough times of World War ll, but one girl kept a diary that changed the world forever. With her words, pictures, and beautiful story, her diary is one of the most translated and read books around the world to this day. The tough times changed her throughout her unfortunately short life, where at 15, she died of typhus in one of the Jewish concentration camps. She spent two years in an office annex, hiding from the Nazi’s, in fear that one day, she would be caught and sent to her death. After World War ll ended, she was unfortunately dead, but her father kept her memory alive by publishing the diary that she kept since she was 13. There were millions of people that didn’t survive the Holocaust in World War ll, but there was no one quite as extraordinary as Anne Frank.

Anne is Always Getting Into Trouble

One character trait that describes Anne Frank is mischievous, because on page 10 of “Who Was Anne Frank” the biography, it says “That Paula was more like Anne, who was full of mischief.” It also says on pages 23-24, “Sometimes Anne and Hanne stood on the balcony of the Franks’ apartment and poured water on the people in the streets below. Therefore, this proves that Anne was very mischievous, since she and her friend were creating some mischief. On, it says: “Anne was always getting into loads of trouble. She and her friends were very troublesome, and loved causing mischief.” It also says on, "One of Anne’s major character traits was being mischievous, since she and her friend Hanne were always getting into trouble,” and this proves that she(and her friend Hanne,) was very mischievous. Anne Frank was always getting into trouble, fooling around, even though she could be very serious and sophisticated at times. This proves that when Anne was alive, she was very mischievous.

Adventurous Anne

Another character trait that Anne Frank possesses is that she is adventurous. She is adventurous because in “Who was Anne Frank” on page 23, it says “Anne liked to read history books and Greek myths and a popular series of books about a girl named Joop, who was adventurous and lively like Anne. Also, on, it says: “As well, as quiet and sometimes serious, Anne was also very adventurous. She longed to go outside and roam the world during her time in the secret Annex.” As a result, Anne was very adventurous during her childhood.
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Ms. Frank the Brave

One more quality that Anne has is she is courageous. Courageous is one of Anne's character traits because on page 75 of “Who was Anne Frank”, it says “People admired Anne for her bright intake on the world, though they were going through a tough time. “There goes a courageous little girl,” They would say.” Also, on, it says: “Anne was courageous in her own little way, and everyone around her felt that way, too. Most people who have read the diary of a young girl, her autobiography, and they would have many thoughts on the book, such as this: ‘My, Anne is a very courageous girl to go through such a time like this,’ they would think to themselves as they would read the diary of Anne Frank.”, which proves that Anne is very courageous.

An Extraordinary Girl

If Anne Frank had never lived, had never written her diary for the world to read, and had never had a story as beautiful as hers was, the world would be missing out on one incredible girl’s journey through the tough times of life. Anne Frank was a symbol of kindness, peace, innocence, and most of all, hope. Her story tells us that there is kindness and hope in everyone, some people aren’t ready to show it yet. The beautiful journey in which Anne was the main character, is still available for us to read today, and there is no other story in which the most amazing essence of growth and beauty takes place. There are many survivors of the Holocaust that might still be alive today, but there are many more people who have suffered, and perished because of World War ll. But there is no one in the entire world who is quite like the remarkable little girl, Anne Frank.