Samurai And Bushido

By Christian Harris

Samurai and Bushido

The samurai came in the time of war they were used in my words as a balancer. The rich people of japan were going to take things into their own hands and the country needed military force to help so the rich people would not take over the country and rule it. The samurai had to follow a code this is called the Bushido or ( way of the warrior). It was to lived by a strict warrior fashion.

Culture of Japan

The Japanese were isloated and were not able to trade or make anything to make the country grow. Then after the Samurai took power in the 12th century the country began to trade with other countries. The Japanese began to grow and were trading things they made.


I chose to become a Samurai because i wanted to serve my country and bring things back into order. My duties were to mend to my fields that I own.