Women = Teachers Men = Professors

How Can This Stigma be Fixed?


Diversity is a difference amongst people and can refer to a range of different subjects. It plays a large role in the professional world and many stereotypes arise from common misconceptions that stem from these differences among people - in this case, gender variances.

Often times women are perceived as being less qualified and less intelligent because they often teach younger age groups. As age increases and material becomes more complex, women are less likely to be seen in the higher level classrooms, such as high school or college classrooms. In turn, students assume males are more qualified to teach more difficult material. Women are simply utilized to nurture young minds and handle material that isn't "complex."

How should we address this?

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Why is this important?

Females need to feel that they can be successful as higher level teachers

If more people recognize the bias and realize it is untrue, women will feel more comfortable venturing into higher levels of education

Female professors are being viewed as less authoritative

college students are quick to negatively bias female professors because they simply aren't used to having female professors as much as male professors

many professors are concerned that students automatically favor male professors and assume they are smarter and more authoritative.

Sexism is driving students to give higher favor and give higher ratings to male professors, simply based on gender

Students will judge a professors skills and abilities simply on their gender

Less students want to take classes taught by female professors

Students will choose to take a class taught by a male over a female

This is not fair to women because they are just as qualified as men


  • show women that they are just as qualified as men to teach in college
  • encourage women to venture into teaching for higher age groups
  • help women feel more comfortable taking on a college classroom