Sheldon ISD Tech Tips

September 2018

Tech Tools for the Classroom

As we all get back into the groove again from summer, it's time to remember when writing those lesson plans to find ways to integrate technology that will enhance the learning. Technology has the ability to allow teachers to grow into the roles of advisor, content expert, and coach, while making the students more responsible for their own learning. Technology is always an effective way to connect with students of all learning styles, differentiate and allow students to create products that will prove their learning. This month I have compiled some new "FREE" tech tools that I think you will like. --B. Zalensik/Director of Innovative Programs
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Quizalize (*My new favorite formative assessment tool)

So many reasons to love Quizalize:

*You can engage your class as you assess their skills and turn boring tests into fun classroom team games.

*Pick from over 120,000 ready-made quizzes or quickly create your own. *Play quizzes as fun team games on the whiteboard – motivating students to answer correctly.

*Automatically provide students with with different support and extension activities after quizzes, depending on their level of understanding. Choose from videos, PDFs and web pages.

Help topics for Quizalize:

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Legends of Learning (*Science Games)

It's an online game platform for elementary and middle school students that hosts more than 1,000 short curriculum based science games. These games were built off of a research project that was conducted with Vanderbilt University that demonstrated the efficacy of short curricula games in schools. They used the NGSS standards as the curriculum base. The games have been reviewed on platform by teachers and students, which lets teachers find the games most appropriate for their lesson. The platform is free for teachers.

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Monthly Tech Tips are brought to you by the Sheldon Innovative Programs Department

Becky Zalesnik, Director of Innovative Programs


Annette Clark, Coordinator of Innovative Programs