By: Jasmine Boodram

What's News?

1. Muck fires can kick up in the county.

2. Think smoke surrounds the Tangerine.

3. Lightning hits the grounds of Tangerine same time and place.

4. Huge bonfires happen often around Tangerine.

5. Citrus trees are getting scare because of fires.

6. Something splash in the lake, but nothing was to be seen.

7. Temperatures can reach as high as 100.

8. Dark clouds are side-by-side and are in-sight every day.

9. The grayness of a wall was distracted and strange to Paul's vision.

10. The mysterious death of Mike Costello.

Erik Fisher Football Dream

Paul and Erik Fisher are pretty different and alike. Let's first start with their differences in their personality. Paul likes to be very aware and spends most of his time staring at his computer, while Erik likes to go out late at night with friends and seems to be very daring. Also, Paul has a desire for soccer which is using your foot, and Erik plays football, which is using your hands( and sometimes feet). It also seems like Erik is mostly attached to his dad and spends more time with him. Paul seems to be more comfortable and start a conversation with his mom. also, Erik seems to fit in with people and already has friends in Tangerine. Paul on the other hand seems to keep his feeling to himself at school, and seems to be quiet around "new"people.

Some similarities between the two siblings are quiet simple, meaning that what two siblings mostly share. Paul and Erik both have the same parents, also have interest in sports. They both seem to be very mysterious in their thoughts. Like when Paul thinks that Erik was the one who was trying to injure him with a baseball bat. And then Erik being so quiet and very un-open about the life in Tangerine, like the muck fires and lightning. These are some similarities and differences between Paul and Erik.

Tragedy Strikes

So on September 5, it was tragic day. It all started when Paul's mom and him coming back from the grocery store, and Erik told his mom about what happened to Mike Costello. Paul and his mom freaked and panicked after hearing that Mike Costello happened to pass away with no explanation. He was standing near the end zone and had his hand on the goalpost, Then, suddenly there were tragic noises and he was soaring into the air on his back. Also, the whole left side of his hair was burned off and seemed like it was the end. But then all the coaches are trying to keep him alive by doing CPR. Ambulances and cops came trying to save him but it turns out he was dead before slamming onto the ground.

MOYA Close- Up

In Tangerine, Paul has been bullied by people calling him "Eclipse Boy" just because he happened to watch the sun with his naked eye, which partly made blind. He has to wear thick glasses to make his vision sort of successful and reasonable. Secondly, he gets annoyed and stressed when his mom says he needs assistance because of his eye vision. Lastly, he and his brother have a strange relationship. He seems a little scared when he is around his brother after experiencing him trying kill him with a baseball bat.


Soccer Tryout!!!! Come to Tangerine Middle School and show your skills and join the soccer team!! Don't forget t bring shin guards, cleats, water bottle, and your own soccer ball.