The Patkau Post

Tuesday September 3, 2013 Day 1

Things to consider upon entering Mr. Patkau's classroom:

-Choose a desk to sit in but don't get too comfortable in that spot. We will be randomly selecting the September seating plan following the announcements using The Can of Fate!

-The announcements provide important information about events happening in the school....clubs, sports, special days, etc. Listen carefully! There could be a message that directly affects you.

-Look around the classroom to see where learning tools are located.

-Read the posters on the walls.

-Look at the schedule. Do you notice any differences from previous years?

-Remember that a new school year represents a fresh start. Making a positive first impression can go a long way to launching a successful school year.

-Start thinking about your goals for the year. What are your strengths? Where can you improve? What can you do differently this year to make those improvements?

Classroom Expectations

1. Agendas should remain on your desk open to today's date throughout the school day.

2. When the teacher is talking to the class, students are to remain seated.

3. During group work, students are expected to help each other to ensure that each group member understands.

4. During independent work, only the teacher provides the help. In some circumstances, the teacher may assign a buddy to help another student.

5. The Literacy and Numeracy Binders are for use in the classroom only. Treat them, and all classroom materials, with care and respect.