September Literacy Contest

Write a Six-Word Memoir About Your Favorite Book

Each month the literacy committee hosts a contest to promote reading, writing, and creativity. The contests vary greatly throughout the year, and you can participate in any or all of them. A $20 Amazon gift card will be awarded to the contest winner each month.

This Month's Contest:

Create a visual display that includes a picture of you with your favorite book and a six-word memoir describing the impact that book has made on you. Besides the picture and the poem, the rest is up to you! Be as creative as possible.

Examples of 6-Word Memoirs

Check out the Six Words website for some examples, and watch the video below for even more inspiration.
Six Word Memoirs by Teens

How to Write a 6-Word Memoir

Siix tips from Hamilton Buhl:

1. Make your six-word memoir personal and honest.

2. Use the Six Word limitation to inspire creativity.

3. Think about the emotion/tone you wish to express through your writing.

4. Put the six best words in the best order to express exactly what you want to communicate.

5. Consider where you will place capital letters and punctuation marks. 6. Get inspired from reading other six-word memoirs.


1. Create a single document/picture file that includes the following:
  • Your name, grade, and program
  • A picture of you with your favorite book
  • A six-word memoir explaining the impact this book has made on you

2. Make your document visually appealing. Pay attention to things like font, font size, coloration, images, white space, etc. Make sure your picture is visible and that your poem is readable. You can use whatever app or program you prefer.

3. Submit your entry to Mrs. Henning via Google Drive (

4. All entries are due by Wednesday, September 30.