Mount Sacred Heart Catholic School

August 19, 2020 Newsletter

Dear Mount Sacred Heart Families,

We have had a fantastic first three days of school! We are thrilled to have our Mighty Eagles back!

Since all our eagles are not all together on campus, we need our entire community both face to face and virtual families to fill out a survey, regarding morning and after school care, along with extra curricular activities such as dance, tumbling, and guitar lessons. We ask you to complete this by Friday, August 21st to help us plan if these activities are possible this school year. Thank you for your participation, patience, and understanding through this new year.

Reminder, tomorrow Thursday, August 20th is a full day of school for our face to face students. Please pack your student with lunch for tomorrow and Friday. Our cafeteria service will begin on Monday, August 31st. More information regarding lunch menu, pricing, and process will be in next week’s Wednesday newsletter.

Thank you to all our families who are being extremely flexible and patient during these times as we are learning our new routines. I am so proud of you all. I can't say enough how truly blessed we are at Mount.


Tina M. Polin

Director of Development and Communications

Questions, comments, or concerns- please feel free to contact me:

Please click on the link below to answer the survey.

Please read the message below from our Technology Specialists

Thank you eagle families for your patience and flexibility. We are excited to begin our 2020-2021 virtual school year!

This year we are implementing a new learning management system for all students. This system will be used across all grade levels and replaces google classroom, class dojo, or seesaw from our March distance learning system.


  • For virtual and face students

  • Communication between classroom and parents

  • Student agenda

  • Parent Portal for classroom (homework, assignments, etc)


  • For virtual and face to face students

  • Schoolwide communication

  • Financial and Enrollment Information

  • Official Gradebook and Behavior Reports

An email update will be issued on Friday, August 21st with step by step instructions on how to log into student devices and virtual learners to connect with your teachers beginning August 24th. This will include care and usage for your devices (Chromebook 1st-8th/ iPad- MK & Kinder), usernames and passwords, as well as a schedule of Distance Learning/Technology Help desk hours.

Our distance learning specialists, in conjunction with our Head of School and Dean of Students, have developed an onboarding schedule that will help to ease families into virtual learning and our new learning management system. Over the next three weeks, your student will be allowed time to practice with their devices, software, and daily schedule before diving into full instruction.

Our goal is to allow enough time for students and teachers to practice and make accommodations, before diving into a full schedule with core and elective subjects.

The Onboarding Schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Device & Schedule Practice

Students will be asked to log in and virtually meet with their teachers,according to their individual classroom schedule. During week 1, students and teachers will be expected to run through a grade appropriate checklist (included in Friday’s email update) that will help familiarize them with: Google Meet, Google Calendar, school issued device, and classroom expectations.

Week 2: Learning Management Logistics

This week will see the rollout of our new learning management system, its Learning. This program will enable teachers to communicate with all families in one environment across all grade levels. From class announcements to homework assignments, as well as virtual learning lessons, teachers will be able to post all of this and more from its learning.

During week 2, students and teachers will be expected to run through a grade appropriate checklist that will familiarize them with both the itslearning program and how to: log in and out, find and complete assignments, message their teachers, and access their calendar(agenda). Parents will also receive a checklist on how to familiarize themselves with the accompanying Its learning App/parent portal.

Week 3: Full schedule practice

By week 3, each student and family should be familiar with their schedule and know who/ when to contact if help is needed. This week will also see the implementation of specials and electives for our virtual learners.

Thank you again for your patience, understanding, and trust. While we understand that education, whether face to face or virtual, can seem overwhelming, let us remind you that we are here to help and support you. We can get through this together, one step at a time, because we are #heretostay! We are MOUNT!

Ericka Martinez & Chantal Samuels

Distance Learning Specialists


  • Friday, August 21st: email regarding virtual log in process.
  • Next Newsletter: Lunch menu, process, and prices
  • Zoom Open House: will occur the week of September 8th - keep an eye out for an email from your child's homeroom teacher at the end of August.


  • Mrs. Kristine Ojeda and Mrs. Jessica Ojeda members of our PTC who sewed and made our masks with so much love!
  • Mrs. Murray and Ms. Perugini for helping us with the uniform sale.
  • Mrs. Tijerina for our back to school welcome sign
  • The Murray family for our beautifully redone MSH letters.
  • The Collins family for their generous donation of air purifiers for our Montessori classrooms.

Thank you to all our families who have helped us kick off this school year!

Eagle Family Prayer Request

We kindly ask you to please pray for:

MSH families who are experiencing hardships due to illness, death, economic struggles, or any other needs. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be our strength.

Baby Ryan (son of Mrs. Norris)

Joan Radous (mother of Mrs. Brooks)

*If you have a prayer request, please feel free to submit your request to