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November 18, 2015

Farmersville Elementary - National Blue Ribbon Schools Award

Congratulations to Farmersville for receiving the U.S.Department of Education's National Blue Ribbon Schools Award. It is so nice to see hard work rewarded. We celebrate with the staff and students that made this happen! The video below documents the journey to Washington, the presentation, and the celebration with students and staff of Farmersville.
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Resources from HECC 2015

Resources from Candice Dodson.

Chris Young's conference summary HERE.

How to ROCK the ISTE standards for Teachers, by Five-Star Technology

Feeding the BEAST, Digital Addiction Reality, by Chris Judson

Summer of eLearning Grant Winners. WE ARE THERE!!

I Didn't Know You Could Do That, by Chris Young

Future Ready Schools - resources provided by IN Department of eLearning

PICS from the conference...I see Bill and Jason...where's Tina?

Lego Mindstorm Color Sorter Christy Steffen

Socrative Garden

Google Custom Lesson Search

100 FREE Web Tools for Elementary Teachers

A Symbaloo of EDU Tools


This week's GOOGLE focus: Understanding the Classroom Folder by Alice Keeler

Do You Know?

What do you know about the history of technology? Do you know more than your students? Take the quiz and compare with your class.

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