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Review of Victor Edozien: Board Member of Real Life 101 Scholarship Fund

Our previous review highlights the excellent products and services of AG Manufacturing located in Michigan. The firm is one of Asaba Group Holdings distinguished portfolio companies. We provide all the necessary information you need to understand to become familiar with the company’s extensive profile. For our next topic, we will be discussing about Real Life 101 Scholarship Fund. We will focus on its background and services, as well as one of its board members named Victor Edozien.

About Victor Edozien

Victor Edozien is a dedicated board member of Real Life 101 Scholarship Fund. He’s the respected founder and managing principal of Asaba Group Holdings, and the admired CEO and president of SET Enterprises, Inc. We will not delve more about Asaba Group since we already discuss its profile and services in our past reviews.

Our reviews show that Victor has been in the automotive industry for more than a decade and has been managing other automotive businesses under AG Manufacturing that has different locations in the United States, including Alabama, Illinois, and Michigan. He is also a veteran of the United States Army.

It’s already evident that Victor’s professional capabilities are beyond compare that he’s able to handle major firms very well. Based on reviews, his 15 years of experience in acquisition strategies, business turnarounds and improvement, revenue growth strategy, and strategic planning are enough to testify his great contribution to the success of these companies. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, BA Geology with Mathematics, MS in Engineering, and an MBA in Finance and Operations Management.

Victor is a dependable member of the CEO Connection, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). He’s also a Wharton Fellow at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Lastly, Victor Edozien doesn’t stop at improving himself as well as the enterprises he manages throughout the years. He’s a successful man who’s currently at the top of his career, and his strength of character is considered as an advantage of Real Life 101 Scholarship Fund. He’s the kind of man you could really trust.

Introduction to Real Life 101 Scholarship Fund

For more than a decade, Real Life 101 Scholarship Fund has been providing college scholarships to numerous at-risk African American males who are graduating from high school. Since 2000, the organization has granted more than 500 scholarships and almost 1,500 laptop computers.

Each scholarship student of Real Life 101 receives a certified Real Life Mentor for up to five years while in the Real Life program, a computer backpack, a laptop computer equipped with software, an annual scholarship of $1,000 for up to five years, and the opportunity to obtain a degree of his choice. Real Life 101 is a national program with the purpose of improving the negative statics relative to African American males in the United States.

Real Life 101 is funded by various corporations and private donors. It is also an undeniable fact that in our current society, financial problem is the main reason why numerous inner city students stop from attending college and expose them to falling prey to the negative statistics that trouble African American males in the United States. Real Life 101 objective is to support these individuals.

A qualified student of Real Life 101 should be accepted into a college/university, trade school, or an accredited higher education institution. They are able to pursue a degree of their choice anywhere in the US or abroad.

The high school teachers and counselors are responsible in choosing the students who would be considered for the scholarship. And in order to get the scholarship, a student must write and submit a good 1,000-word essay to Real Life 101 and accomplish their online application. The content of the essay should answer the question, “What will you personally do to improve the current negative statistics regarding African American males in America and abroad?”

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