The land of Mayan ancestors.


Guatemala is located in Central America, by Mexico. It covers 42,042 square miles with 205 miles of coastline.


The climate varies, even though it is between tropics. Some parts are wet and warm, some are very dry and warm. Winter occurs during May or June-November.

Uncommon Physical Characteristics

Spanish is Guatemala's official language.

4 Folkways

1.) Eating chicken, pork, and beef.

2.) Artists are self-supporting.

3.) Large breakfasts for the richer.

4.) Marriages can be arranged or couples will elope.

A major taboo is taking a picture of a child. Putting your thumb in between your middle and index finger while making a fist is an obscene gesture. Loud voices in public are looked down upon.


Religious groups are counted as sub cultures, and Guatemala has lots of religious groups. Roman Catholic, Protestant, and many different ancient Mayan religions.
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Adding on to the taboos, there are customs. Attending fairs and festivals are very normal and expected. Fireworks, dancing, and craft fairs are also the norm.

Culture Landscape

You can get around by bus, shuttle bus minibus, and taxi. Guatemala City is the largest city in this country, and the next largest is Quetzaltenango.

Cultural Diffusion

Like most countries, Guatemala's generations each have their own sort of culture. Teens are more hip and cool, the little kids are curious and love the little kid stuff that everyone else thinks is dumb, etc.

Culture Change

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My cousins who are missionaries in Guatemala