Gregg Wallace for President


Chief of State

As the Chief of State, I will represent America as a strong, leading nation. To other countries who aim to tear us down, I will stand tall and strong. To our citizens who struggle, I will lift you up with me. It is my duty to encourage success through kind meetings at award ceremonies, the white house, and through letters of congratulations. It is my duty to uplift our country's spirits through speeches on days such as the fourth of July and 9/11. I promise to lead our country with an image of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In good times and bad times, I promise to provide hope and security for now and our future.

Chief Executive

As the Chief Executive, I promise to hear your voice while applying my own knowledge to the best of my ability in order to appoint the most qualified officials in the Executive branch. Together, officials and I will use our experience and our political views to make decisions on how laws are to be enforced. Step by step, your voice and our knowledge will lead to a more efficiently ran country.

Chief Administrator

As the Chief Administrator, I will appoint the most qualified citizens to be the secretaries of departments and justices. I will create an individual relationship with potential candidates and choose the fairest and most educated options for our country.

Chief Diplomat

As Chief Diplomat, I will aim to impress other countries through entertainment at the White House, visitations in other nations, and letters. With good relationships and clear communication comes peace and understanding along with satisfying agreements. However, I still promise to act on situations I feel put others in harm's way when appropriate. As a leader of a leading nation, it is my duty to keep our nation safe as well as others when fighting for what is right. Our foreign policy depends on our peace as well as our fight due to the domino effect.

Commander in Chief

As Commander in Chief, I will lead the U.S. Armed Forces to victory. War is never a fight we want to enter, but it is inevitable. I promise to only enter war and use certain weapons when I believe it is necessary in order to keep our country safe.

Chief Legislator

As Chief Legislator, I will influence Congress to pass new, beneficial laws and veto any potentially degrading bills. I will encourage laws that will encourage and benefit workers, uplift education, and promote business in our economy. I will veto laws such as those encouraging medicare and abortion.

Chief of Party

As Chief of Party, I will campaign for certain people who support my policy and get them re-elected or appointed to office. This way the cabinet will trust each other and at least partially get along with each other. With a cabinet full of supportive and trusting people, together we will implement republican policies for a brighter American future.

Chief of Citizen

As Chief Citizen, I promise to make your voice heard. I will represent the people and put the people's best interest above all else.


As a graduate from Purdue University with an MBA, a former Project Manager, and current real estate agent, I have the business knowledge and managing skills needed to manage our country and become more financially well off. I also obtain the leadership and communication skills needed as the face of our country. Choosing who would best fit a position is what I have done all my life and being a leader has also been a major part of my career.