Why people should stop littering


Reasons to keep a safe health living enviornment

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Make our environment better!

If we had less lazy people in this world our environment would look so nice. Stop being lazy and start helping our enivironment rather then destroy it! Help mother nature out. Every day the environment slowly gets worse.. Who wants to see mother nature sad? I don't so you shouldn't either!
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People are lazy

People are so lazy nowadays and just don't care about the environment. It literally takes the patience of waiting to throw it away or being too lazy to find a trash can. If you are in your care you should secure the trash and wait to throw it away. For those who just are too lazy to find a trash can, I hope you know karma will bite you back! So throw away trash!!

It can kill animals!

Throwing away stray trash can end up in alot of results. First, if you are near water were fish live and other creatures such as turtles. The animals will try to bite the trash and eat it cause they don't know any better. Waste can also have a bunch of deadly chemicals in it and could result in a fish or animal dieing due to your laziness. So think twice before being lazy!
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Its illegal anyways

Its a 250$ to throw trash and litter? Why do we still do it? Like I its peoples laziness to throw it away. Don't be that guy! Throw it in the trash and you wont have to pay a fine!

Its expensive to pick up your lazy trash!

The econemy would be better if we didn't throw our trash in the roads! It costs money to have all of it picked up. They have to hire people and go out there and spend their hard time out there picking up all that junk. So save it for your trunk!
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It kills our plants to litter

Plants die due to trash being thrown at them. We need our plants. Without our plants, how will we survive? Like I said trash cans are everywhere it takes matter of seconds or patience to wait and throw it where it belongs. Thats what trash cans are used for, TRASH!
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A awesome fact about trash!

The average american only walks a few steps before dumping their trash without looking for a dumpster. Thats a prooven fact and thats when you know our generation is lazy! That should really change before its too late... So guys do us all a favor and put a stop to it!
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The environment and our oceans

The more trash you dump the more trash that ends up our ocean. So all the stray trash people dump the more trash and junk that ends up in our oceans,lakes,ponds, etc.
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Thats all!

In conclusion, we should just think twice before we take actions into our own hands and do the environment a favor and try to limit the trash we dump out in the streets for other people to pick up...