Track & Field

Fabian Nava

I love track & field I love everything about it.

My favorite song to get ready for the race.

Moosh And Twist

The One (Feat. Chris Miles) by Moosh And Twist

Track is Great!

I know what your thinking why is it great, well I'm going to tell you all the reasons why you should do track. Track is not just about running there is something more to that. It will take us back to the Roman era.

Facts about track & field

There are a lot of facts about track.

  • Track & field was first started in the Roman era but it was more of the Olympics but its still the same.
  • There is a lot of people that think track and field is just about just about running, its more than that there is high jump, running long jump, pole vault, and discus and those are the ones off top my head.
  • There are also two a day event call the decathlon.
  • There are more meters than just 100m the max is 3200m which is two miles.

  • Track & field even has to have there own shoes you have to ware for example short distances running you have to have a specific shoe.

Facts that will be good for you!

These are some facts that can happen if you join track.

  • It will help you improve all your skill.
  • You will meet new people
  • You will know more about your ability.
  • Also you will have a good time.

These are my results top is 8th grade & 7th grade on the bottom

Big image
Big image

More pics of track and field

If you do join track you can check the link bellow to check the link bellow or get some shoes for Track

Videos of Track & Field

Javier Sotomayor - High Jump World Record - 2.45 m (8.046 ft)
Usain Bolt New World Record 100m In 9. 58 Seconds In Berlin.Gold medal in Beijing 9.68 sec
World Record Long Jump of 8.95 metres