2020 Fall Opening Update

A message from Superintendent Rosenkrance

An update on the coming school year

Dear Estes Park School District Families:

I hope that your summer is off to a healthy start and you are taking time to relax. We know our families are all wondering what school may look like next fall as the topic continues to come up in local media and neighboring schools across Colorado.

The administration and operations teams have been working with Larimer County on multiple scenarios and complicated logistics for reopening in the fall, even while the guidelines continue to change.

While we want to give our families as much information as possible so they can plan and make the best decisions for their students, we also recognize that many schools have communicated plans prematurely, and are now changing them to meet new guidelines or realistic expectations for their communities. This is the last thing we want to do in Estes Park. I have always said there are great advantages to being a small school and being able to leverage our ability to change and adjust quickly. Because of this, we felt it was best to work directly with Larimer County to build a unique plan for Estes Park, because that is what we are! Our school district plan can and will vary greatly from those of larger schools across the state.

While we explored the option of creating a hybrid model of in-school/out-of-school instruction, ultimately we know that Estes Park families face difficulty in finding reliable and consistent child care and after school care. What they need now is stability. We believe that the best place for students is in school, and the Larimer County Health Department is supportive of this. At this time, our goal is to work with Larimer County to utilize our small class sizes and great facilities to come back at full-time capacity this fall. We understand that some staff and students with vulnerabilities will need remote learning opportunities, and some families may choose remote learning full-time as well. We also recognize that if faced with an outbreak of COVID cases in our schools or community, we may need to initiate rolling closures to decrease further spread of the virus. While school may look different, we plan to create a healthy and intentionally planned environment that meets the educational, social emotional, and overall health needs of our students.

Athletics, Activities, Transportation

At this time, we are still working on our early phase planning for what athletics and activities will look like next year amidst the state, county and health department guidelines. This also holds true for transportation and bussing plans. Please keep an eye out for surveys to parents and families in the coming week to help us gather feedback and better determine these needs.

As planning continues and the beginning of the school year nears, we will share more details about our reopening plan. I am confident we will meet the challenge and address the adjustments we need to make to support our students and the community. We are Estes Park, we can do this!