Saving Energy

By Gracie Tallent

Why is This so Important?

Saving energy provides a larger chance for our planet to keep most of it's natural resources. For example, fossil fuels. Using these lessens the quantity of these fuels left on Earth, and damages the atmosphere as a result of gases such as carbon dioxide. Saving energy reserves our environment, and gives us a larger chance of having energy in the future.

Saving Energy at Home

I think an efficient way to wash energy at home would be to hang dry clothes, and/or even hand washing clothes. Yes, it most likely will take more time, but saves essential resources. By doing so we could save gallons of water used to wash clothes, and electricity used to power both machines. Another way to contribute to this is by developing a laundry schedule. Rather than random, spread out loads, you and your family can have a weekly schedule to wash clothes, saving even more of these resources.

Saving Energy at School

One way to save energy at school is by bringing your own reusable water bottles. By doing so, we preserve water that could be used for more important things, such as to grow crops. We also save plastic, a resource we use very much, and cause less of this waste to go to public dumps, possibly saving wild life.

Saving Energy in the Community

One way to save energy in the community is taking public buses, or car-pulling with friends/family. By doing so less fossil fuels are used, preserving them for future use. And, with not as many vehicles on the roads, less natural gases are produced, causing less damage to the environment & atmosphere. Plus, less vehicles means less traffic, so you may be able to get to your designated destination faster, saving time as well as protecting our environment.