Wondering about those Wildcats 2022

Updates and information about our Silliman Wildcats

A Word from the Principal

As our school continues to grow both in quality and in size, our Board of Directors has decided to restructure our administrative team. Beginning in June, I will move into a Head of School position. In this position, I will continue to support the daily operations of the school but will also assume duties that will allow me to focus on the future of our school. As the Head of School, I will create a new Development Program that will begin an Alumni/Friends of Silliman Foundation which will promote a spirit of fellowship and provide a continuous flow of information on the progress and needs of our school.

Through this restructuring of our school, we have decided to add the position of principal to manage the academic program of our school. I am pleased to announce that we have selected Dr. Leanna Cupit as the principal of our school. Dr. Cupit comes to us with extensive experience, knowledge, and a great vision for the future of Silliman. She will begin her new role on March 24th and will begin planning for the upcoming school year. I will remain in the Administrator position until June and will then move into my new role as Head of School. I will continue to support our teachers and staff as HOS and will remain on campus with my office being in the auditorium.

Our school has never been stronger as the future of our school is bright.

Kevin Lemoine

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Upcoming Events

Sweetheart Dance - March 12

Basketball, Cross-Country and Softball Winter Athletic Banquet - March 14 @ 6:00

Sports pictures - Track, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, & Baseball - March 23

April 11-18 - Easter Break

April 20 - Daisy Chain

April 22 - Prom

May 13 - Graduation

Science Fair - Middle School

Congratulations to our seventh and eighth graders who participated in the second annual Silliman Science Fair. Students did a wonderful job with the projects. Mrs. Gray did an outstanding job preparing the students and organizing the fair!

2022 Middle School Science Fair Winners:

1st Place- Charles Guidry, Katie Gros, Gage Leblanc, Peyton Quebedeaux

2nd Place- Lilah Gray, Bri Lamendola, Tynes Guidry, Grace Foster

3rd Place- Emma Rogillio, Anna Kate Andrews, Myles Chasteen, Flipp Wheeler

Science Fair - High School

Congratulations to our high school students who participated in the second annual Silliman Science Fair. Students did a wonderful job with the projects. Mrs. Peterson did an outstanding job preparing the students and organizing the fair!

Overall Winners 9th-10th Grade

1. Raeghan Cunningham

2. Cenny Qiu

3. Denny Qiu

9th and 10th Grade Chemistry and Biochemistry

1. Raeghan Cunningham

2. Cenny Qiu

3. Samantha Wales

4. Sadie Gaudin

5. Isabella Holley

9th and 10th Grade Physics and Astronomy

1. Jude Reed

2. Brady Jett

3. Caitlyn Wolfe

4. Ava Easley

5. Owen Sanders, Weston Sims

9th and 10th Grade Health and Medicines

1. Cheyenne Lee, Sophie Hopkins

9th and 10th Grade Animal Sciences

1. Dalton Luckett

2. Shi Alleman

9th and 10th Grade Engineering and Mechanics

1. Denny Qiu

2. John Hill

9th and 10th Grade Behavioral and Social

1. Joanna Cornette

9th and 10th Grade Plant Science

1. Stowers, Gavin

9th and 10th Grade Mathematics

1. Brennan Stowers

Earth and Environmental

1. Mason Darsey

11th – 12th Grade Results

Overall Winners 11th-12th Grade

1. Madeline Caime

2. Tatum Walker

3. Jacob Roark

11th and 12th Grade Physics and Astronomy

1. Weston Wales

2. Mark Schmidt

3. Colby Morris

4. Madison Birch

5. Cambre Webb

11th and 12th Grade Chemistry and Biochemistry

1. Sara Pace

2. Brice Harrell, Lexi Perkins, AnnaBelle Windham

11th and 12th Grade Health and Medicine

1. Madeline Caime

2. Ellie Reeves

11th and 12th Grade Environmental and Earth Science

1. Adeleine Dart

2. Lily Richardson

11th and 12th Grade Behavioral and Social

1. Tatum Walker

2. Erin Blankenship

11th and 12th Grade Animal Sciences

1. Jacob Roark

2. Landen Halbrook

11th and 12th Grade Engineering and Mechanics

1. Lane Brown

2. Ty Lipscomb

2022 Sweethearts

Congratulations to our 2022 Sweethearts!

7th Grade- Ainsley Hall

8th Grade- Drew Dart

9th Grade- Samantha Wales

10th Grade- Shelby Morris

11th Grade- Lily Richardson

12th Grade- Michaela Henry

Overall Sweetheart- Jacie Stringer

Mardi Gras Dress-Up Day and Parade

Silliman had another exciting Mardi Gras Parade. The students celebrated by dressing up in Mardi Gras colors and then got to spend the afternoon catching throws from the parade. The Mardi Gras parade was hosted by the Silliman kindergarten class and it was a great time!

9th Grade Romeo and Juliet

"O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" The 9th grade class is studying The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. The students practiced reenacting the famous balcony scene, with the "Romeos" proclaiming the beauty of their "Juliets."

Time Capsules by the 1st Grade

Mrs. Elam and Mrs. Cartee's class created a time capsule that was created on 2-22-22. They will be Seniors in the year 2033 and so the goal is to open them at home on 3-3-33. Each student had letters, pictures, and memorabilia to remember their first grade year.

5th grade Penpals

Mrs. Brittany Howard's 5th graders have pen pals! In conjunction with their friendly letter unit, they are participating in the USPS Pen Pal Project. Each student has his/her own pen pal so they can write back and forth for the remainder of this year. They are matched with a class in California. The class can’t wait to learn about their geographical region and other neat things they have to share!

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Sports Pictures

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