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September 2021

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Has your student told you about our new Haverhill Pledge? We've been practicing each morning on the announcements and we love hearing our Hawks Pride!

Keep Helping our School Community!

Gather all your family so they can purchase presents, stock up your freezer, grab from the refrigerator with cookies and MORE!

Our Fundraiser ends on Tuesday, September 7. All money and order forms should be turned in on or before this date. All proceeds go back to our school to support our students. Let's sell, sell, sell!

Flower & Garden Show

The Haverhill Flower and Garden Show will be held next Wednesday, September 8. Plants will need to be dropped off between 8-8:45 and should not be taken on the bus with your student.

Plants can be picked up after judging concludes from 5:15-6:30. We are also in need of volunteers to ensure the show is a success.

Sign up to volunteer at: Flower and Garden Show:


COVID-10 Updates are on our Website!

See our website for additional information in regards to COVID-19 board approved protocols: http://www.sacs.k12.in.us/news/what_s_new/c_o_v_i_d_19_response

Staff Lunch donations needed

The PTC is excited to provide a taco bar lunch for teachers and staff on Friday, September 17.

The meat and beans will be catered, but we could use help supplying the toppings and drinks. Due to Covid, all items must be dropped off in their original, unopened package.

Please deliver all items to school by 10 am on the 17th.


Tuesday, Sept. 21: Flex Day-Students Learn from Home

Additional dates are: Wednesday, November 3, 2021; Friday, March 11, 2022

Haverhill PTC Parent/Student Directory

The Haverhill PTC is creating a parent directory and welcome all parents to participate. This directory is voluntary but encouraged. We only create the directory once a year.

The purpose of this directory is so parents will be able to receive contact information for other parents in their child’s classroom. This directory will only be shared with those who participate, and only for the class in which you have a student. Plan ahead now so you have contact information for birthday parties, play dates, etc. Just a reminder, the district policy is no invitations can be distributed at school or by the school.

The directory needs to be filled out for EACH child that you have at Haverhill. For example, if you have a child that is in first grade as well as one in fifth grade, you will need to fill out the form twice; once for each student.

When the directory is complete you will receive an email with an attached pdf file with the names and information of those that participated in your child’s class. Forms must be filled out by September 24, 2021 in order to be included in the directory. If you are interested in participating in the parent contact directory, please click the link below.


Support our Hawks!

PTC is requesting donations from our families (cash or checks made out to Haverhill PTC will be accepted). If you would rather donate via Paypal, please do so at the following link: https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=LJR23G5V8FMYA.

What will you be supporting? PTC provides meals for staff, technology needs, equipment for recess, surprises for students and staff, along with additional larger projects for the school.

Come be a part of our AMAZING PTC!

The Haverhill PTC is in need of several hands to begin planning events for the year. If you are interested in chairing, co-charing, or simply volunteering for an event, please fill out the following Google form. Events are not possible without parents like YOU getting involved!


PTC Meeting

Friday, Sep. 10th, 9:30am

Haverhill Elementary School

Looking to become involved? Looking to support amazing events for students?

Our Parent Teacher Club needs YOU!

They are looking for interested volunteers for the following committees:

1. Silent Auction

2. Popcorn

3. Bake Sale

4. Bingo

5. Carnival

6. Flower and Garden Show

7. Tiny Tim Shoppe

8. Movie Nights

9. Staff Appreciation

10. Room Parent Coordinator and more.

For more information about duties, please contact lisa.haagen@gmail.com.

Trash to Treasure!

Do you have an old 20 inch or 24 inch bike tire laying around your house? We would love to take it out of your house. If you have one, Mrs. Swaidner and all students will be turning it into a work of art! Drop it off in the office or please make arrangements to drop off with Mrs. Swaidner. We appreciate your help.

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