No Teacher Left Behind

A New Act

New Techniques & Strategies available soon

How would you suggest we, as a nation, provide consistent learning opportunities for teachers and ensure that they are not left behind in learning about new techniques and strategies?

I think the best thing to provide for teachers and future teachers is to have training and seminars readily available to them. Give them the opportunities to grow and learn. At the job they are working at provide them with options inside the work and outside the work to better themselves. Offer some paid classes at a Community College.

Certain Practices

Should all teachers across the country use certain practices? If so, what would those be?

Yes and no. I think each individual has their own style of practice. Plus it all depends on what the states expect of the teacher and what they are looking for in their district. I think one thing that should be a certain practice is continuous training for technology since it is ever growing.


Should there be a consistent standard for all teachers to meet, just as students must pass high stakes tests? If so, what would be the standard?

Yes I do believe so. I think teachers should be have a recommended amount of teaching education hours so they are up to date with the new education being brought in or introduce. It should be based on a yearly deadline for the teachers.

Lastly, share your thoughts on how well teachers are being prepared to master the ISTE Standards for Teachers standards in their classrooms.

I honestly don’t think that they are prepared. I think they are doing the minimum to get by in the classroom. I think teachers need to better prep themselves because the education is expanding and becoming my knowledgeable. It’s a growing job and more to learn to teach to those children.