Heart Attack and Stroke

What's the big deal with Interesterified fats?

First, the "interest"ing facts

Inter"ester"ified fats are named this because they are oils hydrogenated with ester, a chemical compound.

Put into foods in order to preserve and maintain shelf life, but at who's expense?

To the left is a diagram of the compound Ester.

Delicious, but too good to be true.

Interesterified fats can lead to heart attack and stroke, or at best, high cholesterol. All sources even say that it raises the "bad" cholesterol and lowers the "good"It's funny how two of the most dangerous conditions can hide in some beloved consumables.

Very, Very Similar Effects to Trans. Fats

Trans. Fats were recently banned in large amounts, for good reasons. They cause a list of problems that I couldn't fit on this page. Two of my sources say that the effects are anywhere from 50% to 80% the exact same as trans fats.

Trans. Fats
low metabolism
weight gain
bone degeneration
heart attack
"hidden" (blood test needed to find)
raise LDL
lower HDL

How Come We Don't Hear About These?