Behind the Sun Scene Analysis

By: Rhett Gambrell

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The scenes involving the circus are filled with vibrant colors. These colors show the joy that is hidden underneath many characters' depression. Throughout the film, there is a lack of bright colors. The circus is one of the only places were there is an abundance of color.

A happy tone is presented during the circus scene. Color is only seen during joyful scenes during the film, which includes the circus scene. During the circus, we see the joy on Tonho and Pacu's face when the are put in awe by Clara's talents.

The sound of the fire is emphasized in this scene. One of the only sounds that can be heard is the engulfing flames. The sound of the flames help illustrate the bravery in the film. Bravery is one of the main themes in the film.

The producer tries to show the importance of bravery throughout the circus. Bravery is shown by several characters. Illustrating the control Clara has over the fire, the producer shows Clara's bravery.

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In the scene where Pacu goes on the swing, the shot swings along with the young boy. This perspective helps the viewer see the world from Pacu's point of view. This point of view makes the viewer feel closer to Pacu.

The focus is solely on Pacu in this scene, while the background is blurred. The focus makes the viewer focus on Pacu. With everything else blurred, the viewer is forced to notice Pacu's depressed expression.

This scene has a lonely and depressed tone, due to Pacu's isolation in this scene. His isolation from everything else emphasizes the sadness within Pacu. Some of his depression is caused by the things he has gone through and the things he knows are coming.

Pacu's bravery is illustrated in this scene by showing his isolation. Although Pacu is lonely, he was able to end a never-ending cycle with his astounding bravery. Pacu feels isolated from his family, but still realizes the importance of his bravery to his family.

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In this scene, the focus is on Clara and Tonho, while the surrounding environment is blurred. The focus on Tonho emphasizes the happiness he is in when he's with Clara. WIth the focus on the two, we can see how they feel about each other.

The perspective in this scene is from above to show Clara and Tonho together. The bird's eye view shows the viewer the beauty that they have created. Although, Clara and Tonho haven't known each other for very long, they seem to have an obvious chemistry.

In this scene, we can see the theme of love between Tonho and Clara. Love is absent in the majority of the film. There is an importance of love in this film, because it causes many characters to make sacrifices for their loved ones. Love is the reason Pacu gave away his life for Tonho to be happy.

There is a loving tone in this scene. The tone is evident when the shot is focused on Tonho, and we can see the joyful expression on his face. This focus on his expression makes the viewer assume that Tonho has feelings for Clara.

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Throughout this scene, the sounds of the men and the forest are emphasized. The sounds help show the determination of both men. The noises of the forest illustrate how the two families will go to any lengths to get their revenge for their lost loved ones.

There is a juxtaposition before this scene. This scene follows a mournful and peaceful scene. In the previous scene, Tonho's family looks to be up worrying. This scene shows bravery, while the previous scene shows worry and sadness.

This scene has a very determined tone. We can see both families' determination to survive. With the emphasis on the breaths and footsteps, the viewer can see how far both Tonho and his opponent will go to stay alive.

The theme of bravery is evident in this scene. Tonho has a sense of bravery, because he wants to protect his family. He knows that he is putting his life on the line by going to kill a Ferreira, but he was told that this must be done to keep his family safe.