5/16/16 - 5/20/16

End of Year Ideas for Teachers

Visit to the Next Group, Class, or Grade Level

Interview an Expert: Invite a couple of children into your classroom from the grade above to answer questions. Generating questions a couple of days before the interview will help the children to remember their ideas on the day of the event, as well as make sure they are appropriate.

Write a Letter to the Next Class

Invite students to write letters to the next group of children who will be entering the classroom. Encourage them to think about what they can tell the new children to help them feel comfortable. For example, which are the best toys to play with, what are the important rules to follow. Save the letters for the fall and share them with the new class.

Mon May 16, 2016

All day Field Day K, 1st H, 1st C, 4th

Tue May 17, 2016

All day APE Fitness Day Rain Date

All day Field Day 1st F, 1st M, 1st W, 2nd, 3rd

7pm Kindergarten graduation

Wed May 18, 2016

All day 5th Grade Field Trip - Imagination Station

All day Field Day Rain Date for Monday

9:15am Boy Scout Assembly for KG

2:30pm Tornado Drill

6:30pm Daisy Scouts

6:30pm Girl Scouts, Mrs. Vollmar

Thu May 19, 2016

All day Ag Safety Day for 5th Grade

8:15am Staff Meeting

9:30am 4th grade to Seven Eagles

Fri May 20, 2016 All day Field Day - Rain Date for Tuesday

11:20am Career Cafe Grades 3-5

12:20pm Recycling Pick-Up

2:30pm Post Office Delivery

3:30pm 5th Grade Dance

Thank Yous

Thank you to all the staff that helps make Volunteer Breakfast a success, it was awesome!

Thank you Denise and Tammie for helping out in the lunchroom when we needed you.

Thank you


Please remember to enter diagnostic scores in Google drive on the diagnostic spring spreadsheet .