The Bad Begining

By Lemony Snicket

Summary , Favorite part , Comparing , Conflict , and Rating of The Bad Beginning.

I liked how the book gives you twist and turns when leading up to ending of this part of the 12 part books.

My favorite part of the book was when Klaus got the law book and when he found out about Violet part of bring in the play the bride and was really getting married so that Olaf could steal the money.

I will be comparing Klaus from bad beginning and Miri from The Magic Half first there similar because both take place in a old time , both have glasses , and both are brunets but here is how they are different Miri is a girl and Klaus is a boy, Klaus kinda gets a new family and miri gets a twin and also Miri's glasses are brocken in her book while Klaus dosen't

I think that the conflict of the book was man vs man because in the story the kids are trying to face off Olaf and his plans of stealing their parenet's money which that Violet is going to get when shes 18.

I would give a...7 out of 10 why? First i will go to the good parts 3 points for i like sad stories 2 points i liked Olaf's plan it was clever and 2 points for charaters any i don't like the story i would buy all 12 books but i don't like this one i like it recommend it but it just has some things i don't like.

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