Zane Nelson's Dream Vacation

Madagascar Facts

My dream vacation, Madagascar, is located South East of Africa. I want to visit this place, because I've always wanted to visit an island, and I've always wanted to see some exotic animals. It's so great, because it was in a movie, has cool animals, and is an island. From 1895 to 1958 Madagascar was under French rule. It has gone by many names.


It will take 23 hours on plane to get to Madagascar, probably because it's 10,000 miles away. Luckily, I'm going alone, or else, it would be a lot of money. I'm only staying there 8 days.
I'll be staying at Tana Hotel in Antananarivo, Madagascar, it's a BEAUTIFUL hotel. I'll be packing my phone, phone charger, clothes, hat, and toiletries.


Lodging is 517, food is 300, airfare is 2,400, and all that comes in at 3,517 dollars.


There are many activities in Madagascar like snorkeling, kayaking, exploring the forest, and exploring the ocean. The things I'll be doing there are snorkeling, kayaking, white water rafting, exploring the forest, and exploring the ocean. It's unique to explore the ocean and forest, because it's an island in stead of a large land mass.

Interesting Facts

1. It is the fourth largest island in the world behind Greenland.

2. Only has two seasons, a hot rainy season, and a cold dry season.

3. All of the animals in Madagascar are unique to Madagascar.

4. There is a tropical rain forest to the eastern side of Madagascar.

5. Millions of years ago Madagascar was apart of Africa.

6. Has two official languages.

7. It has 90% of original forest

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