Choose Kindness!

According to "Cyberbulling is when a child, teen, or preteen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the internet."

Some types of cyberbullying are:

Flaming and Trolling: Sending or posting humiating content in order to prove and depress the victim

Happy Slapping: Recording and posting a video of someone being harassed or abused

Physical Threats: Sending messages threatening ones physical safety

Rumor Spreading: Gossiping through email, text, or any social network

Photoshopping: Altering a photo centering the victim in an ignominious situation

Though the antagonist most likely finds pleasure in causing agony to the victim, they have no idea how much pain that person may be in. According to "19% of cyberbullying victims attempt suicide."

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Since 2006, cyberbullying statistics have decreased dramatically. By 2030, cyberbullying is expected to come to an end. The world is in our hands now and we all need to contribute to put cyberbullying to a stop. We can do this by choosing to be kind when another person is not being so nice to you, and telling an adult if are victimized by a cyberbullying or any bully. If you are a bystander, or witness, SPEAK UP! Being kind is not only limited to friends and bullies, but everyone. You can be kind by donating money for a special cause, helping a person do something, or simply encouraging somebody to do something. Treat people how you want to be treated.
How to Beat Cyberbullies
READ OVER EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU SEND OR POST IT! Figure out what kind of effect it will have on the viewer.
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