English 212

British Literature of the 19th Century

Read! Write! Create! Think!

  • Read various types of 19th century British literature!
  • Play an interactive game! Create a character!
  • Fight vampires! (Vicariously!)
  • Discuss ideas, themes, and concepts!
  • Learn why the Victorians covered their table legs with cloth!

Required Materials:

PDFs on Blackboard
Dracula by Bram Stoker
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Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

1. Identify literary terms, styles, and periods in British Literature from the 18th century to the present

2. Synthesize cultural and historical contexts

3. Analyze literature applying the criteria in objectives one and two

4. Compare literary styles, periods, and terms

5. Compose literary analyses

In addition to the above, students majoring in English with Teacher Licensure will:

1. Construct philosophical frameworks and pedagogical practices that acknowledge the complexities of literacy in the twenty-first century.

2. Demonstrate the knowledge and use of the function, the influence, and the diversity of language.

3. Demonstrate a commitment to reflective practices and lifelong professional learning.

A typical class will involve the following activities: (1) discussion of a reading or writing assignment and/or (2) group discussion or assignment. All work in this class will be public. In other words, other people may be allowed to read written assignments.

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Attendance and Classwork

We'll do a lot of in-class activities. This is not a lecture class. In-class assignments may be made up if posted on Blackboard; otherwise, losing the points goes along with missing class.

If you will be absent, try to let me know. Illness and family emergencies happen; just keep me updated and I will work with you. (Check Student Handbook for university attendance policy.)

We'll use daybooks and Blackboard for in-class activities.

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Readings and Responses

Your reading for each day is listed in the course calendar (on Blackboard). For some days, you will have supplementary readings on Blackboard.

PLEASE READ FOR EACH CLASS MEETING. This is not a lecture class. Your learning is based on your participation, your engagement with the material. You have ten discussion board post assignments -- five during the game and five during our reading of Dracula.

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In addition to discussion board posts and in-class assignments, you will complete a game-based project culminating in a paper/presentation. In the first half of the semester you will participate in a game from Reacting to the Past. You will receive a character sheet and have some rules for play. You'll post five discussion board posts, write three editorials (unless your character sheet specifies otherwise) and write a reflection/analysis of the game and the outcome.

During the latter part of the semester, we'll read and discuss Dracula by Bram Stoker. You will write five discussion board posts during the reading and complete two quizzes.

At the end of the semester and for the final, you will present a final project.

I will post a step-by-step guide to the assignments on Blackboard.

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Grades and Grading Scale

Rage Against the Machine (interactive game) -- five discussion board posts (50 points), three editorials (30 points), faction quiz (10 points), analysis paper (50 points). 140 points total.

Dracula -- five discussion board posts (50 points) and reading quizzes (20 points). 70 points total.

Final project (50 points)

260 total possible points

Grade Scale

A+ 100-99 C+ 85-84

A 98-96 C 83-80

A- 95-94 C- 79-78

B+ 93-92 D+ 77-76

B 91-88 D 75-72

B- 87-86 D- 71-70

F 69 and below

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