Guess Where?

By: Maddie Trussell


  1. Caribbean
  2. North Atlantic
  3. Tropic of Cancer


People might have moved because of a job,career,to live closer to a beach, to live closer to family, or even just for vacation.

People may have left for a job,to live closer to friends or family, and many other reasons.

People transport goods by airplane's , or by boat.

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Human - Environment Interaction

People depend on the climate, and the temperature.

People adapt by having a pool, and by having a-lot of summer clothes.

People modify the environment by building houses, grocery stores, schools, and factories.


Body of water- the Atlantic Ocean is the only body of water.

The climate is most of the time warm.

Animal Life- sea animals, and land animals

The only language is English.

The most popular religions are Babtist , Christen, and Methodist.

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Relative- Florda ( North West ) Cuba ( South West )

25% N 77% W