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History of the steamboat.

Sir George Simpson wanted to reduce shipping charges for goods.Chamber of comrence offered a 1,000 dollars for the first person to put a steamboat on the re river.river. Anson North rup bought the North star and sailed up to Fort Abercrombie.

First successful steamboat called the clermont was built by :Robert Fulton

why it's important to N.D?

The steam boat was important because during the 50 years it was still running. They hauled thousands of passengers and millions of pounds of freight.

Important people

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Disavangtes and advangtes of the steam boat.

Advantages : Revolutionized river travel and trade.

It dominated the waterways.And it was a fun way to travel. Great entertainment on gurenteed on Al's steamboats.

Disadvantages: Often slow , travel depended on river current and man power.

21% of accidents caused by explosions.

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Lewis and Clark river steamboat


First class: $24

Second class:$12

Third class:$5.oo