marine corp

by joshua rodgers

history about the marine corp

The marine corp was established in July 11,1798.The fist war was in 1899 They are troops that are recruited,trained,and organized for land and sea.During the 400s 136 well-armed solders fought aboard Greek worships.In the 200s and 100s the Roman soldiers were specially harmed to fight on worships.

The oldest marine units still in operation are those of Great Britain and The Netherlands. The Royal Netherlands Korps Marieniers dates from Dec. 10, 1665, during the Anglo-Dutch Wars. The first British marine unit was also formed at this time.

Great Britain’s Royal Marines were founded on Oct. 26, 1664, as a regiment of 1,200 “land soldiers prepared for sea service.” The word royal was not actually used to designate the force until 1802 during the Napoleonic wars. From 1664 until 1775 the various marine regiments underwent several reorganizations and disbandments, and their control alternated between the Admiralty and the Army. The most distinguished episode of this period was the capture and control of Gibraltar on the southern tip of Spain in 1704–05.

On September 30, 1938, Britain and France agreed in Munich to let Germany have a part of Czechoslovakia called the Sudetenland.

The use at sea of troops essentially trained for land warfare was a natural outgrowth of the way sea battles were fought for many centuries. During the long age of galley warfare, the ships sought direct confrontations. They used two basic tactics—ramming and boarding. If an enemy ship was not sunk by ramming, it was usually boarded by soldiers who had been specially trained to fight sea battles.

It was not until the 17th century, however, that there was any attempt to raise forces of men who were distinctly marines and not ordinary infantrymen. During the 1660s the Dutch and English both organized the first modern corps of marines. It was at this time that the word marine first came into use to describe these soldiers.

As firepower gained the ascendancy, the occurrence of actual infantry-type combat on ships became far less frequent. Today it has virtually disappeared. Marines are now mainly land and air fighters, though they are attached to navies and need the support of ships for coastal assaults and supplies.