By: Arturo Gregorio and Trey Bennett


The Little Tennessee is located in western North Carolina. The headwaters begin in Georgia and then flow north into North Carolina. It flows into the Tennessee river which flows all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.

How many miles

The Little Tennessee River has 2,501 total miles in streams and rivers.

How many people

The population for the river basin is 94,566 people.

The river basin

  • Fontana lake
  • Santeetlah lake
  • Nantahala lake
  • Glenville lake
  • In the Great Smokey Mountains

Non-point Source

Erosion is a non-point source.

Stream sedimentation is also a non-point source.

To fix this we could build banks to stop the erosion.

Point Source

The cullowhee Dam is a point source on the Little Tennessee.

Drainage is another point source of pollution on the Little Tennessee

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Small Mouth Bass are also in the Little Tennessee.

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There are berry bushes along the Little Tennessee.

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The Little Sweet Beatsie is another plant on the Little Tennessee.