Why do people who play football use pain as motivation ?


  • Make it to the pros
  • Be 1 st pick in the draft


Did you know the minimum wage for a professional football player went up $55,000. So if your a rookie you start out with $375,000. If you have a 1 year contract you get $450,000. If you have a two year contract you get $525,000. When rookies are drafted they are usually between the ages of 22 to 24.

History of football

Football was first invented on November 6, 1869. Players from Princeton and Rutgers held their first intercollegiate football contest. Also our footballs actual name is gridiron football. Also football is believed to originate from the Greeks game called harpston

Driving question

From what I learned the reason they use pain as motivation is because getting to the goal is worth all the pain they go through