The Long Road To Perseverance

Marija Gjorgjieva

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the continuing effort to defeat the adversity the person has and never giving up. It is also having determination to be able to overcome a struggle.

Jackie Robinson's Adversity - Cause and Effect

Jackie Robinson was a major league baseball player during the 1940's. He played with an all white baseball team. During that time period there were no other African-American baseball players and he was the first one. As a result he revived racist taunts from his coach and the audience when he played. Even tough he was a very good player he still got taunted and made fun of. Another effect was that his fellow players constantly made fun of him and they did not want him on the team. When he pitched the crowd was booing at him. They also threw things at him like food and wrappers because of his skin color. Even tough he was an amazing baseball player he still got made fun of. Even tough it took the people a long time to accept him they finally realized that he was a very good baseball player and that skin color does not matter. And because he was brave enough to keep going he earned many rights that African-Americans did not have before. And he changed the lives of many people.
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Tom Harken's Adversity-Description

As a little boy Tom Harken contracted tuberculosis and he missed a lot of school. So when he came back to school he did not know how to read or write. And because of that his teacher made fun of him and she did not want to teach him. So he dropped out of school and he never learned how to read or write. So later on in his life he became a vacuum salesman. It was really hard for him because he could not write down the person's name or credit card number, so he had to memorize everything. When he went to eat at restaurants he always ordered burgers because that was the most common thing. But sometimes burgers were not on the menu and he was ashamed. He also managed to open a restaurant and he created his own menu, but he could not read it. He was lucky that his wife adhered and she wrote documents and forms for him. But at the end he finally asked his wife to help him learn how to read. And after 40 years of not knowing how to read he finally learned.

Caine's Steps To Overcome His Adversity- Chronological/Sequence

Caine Monroy was a 9-year old kid that enjoyed making arcade games out of cardboard boxes. He made a humongous arcade in front of his dad's auto part store. In the beginning nobody came to his arcade and Caine just sat in his chair all day and felt that his arcade was idle. So because nobody came he wanted to get the attention of people. First he got the attention of a famous movie maker. Then the movie maker invited people to his arcade. By his surprise a lot of people and Caine earned a lot of money for his education. After that the movie maker made a short movie about him and he raised a lot of money for him. When people from around the world saw the movie they started to donate to Caine's education fund and Caine got up to $240,000. Caine's life changed from no one coming to his arcade to tons of people coming.
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The Adversities of Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt (Compare and Contrast)

Jackie Robinson was a major league baseball player during the 1940, which was hard because there was no African-American baseball players during that time period and he broke the color barrier. Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife to President Franklin D Roosevelt and she was an important figure that helped women get the right to vote, and she helped write the declaration of human rights.
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Winston Churchill (Problem And Solution)

Winston Churchill was an United Kingdom Prime Minister during the 1940 or the beginning of World War 2. People loved him and that's why he spoke publicly and he told the people to never give in and stay calm.
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Orphan Train Riders

During the late 1800's and the early 1900's orphans were transferred to the south on a train, for people to adopt. The orphans were transferred because there were a ton of immigrants coming in to the United States, and because there were so many immigrants there were not many jobs and a lot of people were very poor. And because they could not take care of their children people sent them to orphanages. And soon orphanages started to fill up and there was no space. So the solution was to send orphans on a train so people can adopt them.
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Lessons Learned From Perseverance

Some lessons that have been learned from perseverance is to never give up no matter if it's very hard, and just venture on until a solution is found. Like Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg's story, in the beginning she was very good at playing the violin but then she realized how hard it was and she went from being very good to very bad. But after a while she got encouraged to play again and she entered a huge contest and won. Another lesson is that at first things don't go like they were expected. Just like the story about Caine's Arcade at first no one came to his arcade and he thought that a lot of people would come. But then a famous movie director came to his arcade and he invited a lot of people to come and he made a movie. And know he has a lot of money for his education.