Fisher school Fun!!!

by Kieran,Mia and Momin

We pretended to be students in the late 1800s and went to the Fisher school. We practiced writing with quill pens.We had a spelling bee , team 2 won. In the spelling bee we got in a line and the teacher told one line a word and if they tried 2 times and got it wrong both times the other team got a try. During arithmetic,we did math problems in our heads and we also used slates. During recess we played games like marbles and jacks ect. At lunch the boys brought hobo sticks and most girls brought baskets. Everybody got to try on the dunce cap, even though nobody was bad. You wear the dunce cap when you are bad. We read Mr. McGuffy’s readers that taught us a lesson. (Mr. McGuffy is an author.)We call the female teachers Mistress and male teachers Master. That‘s why we had a wicked awesome time at the fisher school !!!!!!!!