The Q

Camacho QUEST Newsletter

1st Grade

We have just finished our Creative Awareness unit by saving Amelia Earhart thanks to our SOS transportation shoes! They are on display in the library. Check them out as you go by!

During the Creative Process unit, we will be studying sound and musical insturments... Stay "tuned"!

2nd Grade

Camacho has been overflowing with trash. Thanks to our environmental friendly 2nd graders, Camacho is a eco friendly and cleaner school. The second graders have designed and created robots exactly 24 inches tall and out of exactly 18 pieces of recycled materials to help clean up and recycle our school. They are on many Christmas lists I know...mine!

Next up...Critical thinking

3rd Grade

Who knew Camacho had so many authors? We did! Coming soon to a library near you... OURS!! The 3rd graders used their ZOOM perspective and multiple meaning words to write and illustrate If I were a... books. Our authors then had a book reading with our 1st graders. Watch out J. K. Rowling!

Next up... It's a mystery.

4th Grade

This year, we flipped In-depth study to the first semester, and we have started running! 4th graders have selected topics, gathered basic information, developed essential questions researched, and started to create graphic organizers. After the Thanksgiving break, we are starting our complex questions get indepth in our study.

5th Grade

Team study is the 5th grade version of in-depth study. 5th graders have selected topics of interest, met as a team to look at their challenge and divided the topics to become the "expert" on their topic! After they present their individual learning, the team will come back together and collaborate on how to solve their challenge. Love this group of problem solvers!!