Need an option from Foreclosure?

How about a Short Sale? Some valid points to your favor..

10 Benefits of a Short Sale over a Foreclosure. View the link below for the Full Aritcle

A very helpful Comparison Chart below on Short Sales vs. Foreclosure

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No charge at all for the home owner for listing your property as a Short Sale. We'll do all negotiations with your banks at no cost at all. We negotiate your deficiency balance with your bank to $0. We get you at least $3,000 relocation money if you qualify at closing! It's a win win situation for you! We have a great negotiators team that work on your behalf at not cost at all!

Contact Us Today! Let us help you with our team of Experts. - Please mention the following code name >*(Justice)* in your conversation- We are excited to work with you. You are in good hands!

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