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Google Keep

A Quick Easy Way to Store and Organize Notes

Adding the Chromebook to our list of tools to use throughout the day has added new options for productivity tools. Many of us use Notes on our iPad and have been looking for a similar app in Google to jot quick notes and reminders.

Google Keep is a great way to make your Chromebook and phone (iPhone or Android) work together as a team. You can use your phone to record audio notes throughout the day. These notes will automatically sync to your Google Keep account over all of your devices.

Here is a Video Intro To Google Keep

Click on the Play Arrow to learn more about Google Keep.
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Here Is A Quick FAQ on how to Use Google Keep

The link below will give you the tools you need to get started.
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Things to Keep in Mind to Stay Organized

  • Add Labels to Notes.
  • Add Colors to Notes.
  • Use the Search feature.