Nick Rumer

Utopia Traits

Laws Are Not Necessary in Utopia

In a perfect society laws are not needed. There would be no harm in society, and everyone would choose to do the right thing.

Unlimited Supply of Food

In utopia there would be as much food supply as needed. There would be no fighting for food and no one would starve.

No Arguments of any sort

No one would argue in Utopia. People would be peaceful and just utterly agree. There would be no arguments over money , religion, nor superiority. Conflict would not exist in utopia.

Everyone is Equal

Everyone in Utopia would be equal. Everyone would have an equal amount of responsibility's, an equal amount of power, equal social classes, all races would be equal, women and men would be equal, children and adult would be equal. There would not be a leader because everyone is already established as equal.

Perfect Health

In utopia there would be no sickness or diseases. Everyone would have great health and be in great shape. There would be no death.

LOTF Flaws in Society

Food Problems and Quote 1

“Aren’t I having none?” said Piggy, and Jack responded saying " You didnt Hunt". This quote shows how Lord Of the Flies had a flaw of a lack of food. Jack took out the hunter to hunt and Piggy stayed to watch the fire. In a Utopian Society there would always be food and you would not be denied,

Shelter Issues

The Shelter that was built was poor. The home that Sam and Ralph built could easily be destroyed and there is confusion among each other on who built which one.

Leadership Issues and Quote 2

"Shut up," said Ralph absently. He lifted the conch. "Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things."

"A chief! A chief!"

"I ought to be chief," said Jack with simple arrogance, "because I'm chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp." (1.229-231)

This shows an argument between Jack and Ralph on who should be chief. This causes issues in the future with Jack wanting to hunt and Ralph's main focus to get rescued.

Fear Arose

Jack uses fear to gain support. He tells everyone about the beast and then everyone gets scared and starts to hunt among the littluns. This also causes dispute with Ralph.

Children Alone and Quote 3

“Aren’t there any grownups at all?”

“I don’t think so.”

On the island there are no Parents. When there are no adults then there is no one to ask advice to or to guide you. This then leads to savagery.
James Vincent Mc Morrow - Higher Love