Vocabulary Presentation Lesson 8

by Rachel Pomerantz

Fill in the blank.

Blaming himself for allowing Lily to die, Severus Snape undertakes a seven-year journey of ___________ by protecting Harry Potter at Hogwarts.
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1. noun
2. a. Deliverance from sin; atonement for guilt
b. Retrival; reclamation; reformation
c. Includes the return of goods for cash
3. Latin Roots: Emo, Emere, Emi, Emptum "to buy;"
Re "back, again"

Related Words

Other Forms:
Redeem (verb), Redeemer (noun), Redemptory (Adjective), Redemptional (Adjective)

Atonement, restitution, repossession

Abandonment, forfeiture, sin, ignore

Helpful Hints

-RE: go back to original state or condition
-Christ the REDEEMER statue in Rio de Janeiro: religious significance
Which sentence misuses a form of the word redemption?
a. The Resumption Act of 1875 allowed Americans to redeem greenbacks for specie beginning in 1879.
b. In Germany, people redeem empty plastic water bottles for cash at exchange stations in grocery stores.
c. Julia redeemed her overall grade with two dismal test scores that brought her class average down to a C for the first time all year.
d. The criminal justice system hopes to instill a moral compass in inmates who will perhaps seek redemption after serving their prison sentence.