Me Myself and I

The Life of Lauren Simpson

Brain Hemispheres

When we were learning about brain hemispheres I learned that I am left brained. That means that I pretty much like things to be black and white and dont have a lot of creativity. I have things in my life very organized and not things to just randomly happen. I like everything to be in very certain ways and like everything to be done the way it is supposed to be finished. This is very relivent to me because I love to be organized and I am not very creative at all.


When we began to learn about the different personalities we used for colors that grouped all of the ifferent personalities. The colors were blue, gold, green, and orange. I ended up being a gold. Gold means that you are very traditional and punctual meaning you don't like to be the odd one and that you always have to be on time. You also must be organized and realistic. You always like to have everything in one place and you dont make up things. You act as if things are always real. Gold personalities mean that you are very responsible and commited. People can tell you to do things and you will always do it and give one hundred percent. They are also dependable so you always know they will finish the job without very many complaints.