Computer Systems

Lauren Williams

Inputs and Outputs

Some output devices are used for sending messages to your computer and can be used in many different ways , some examples of output devices are: computer monitors, projectors, printers and speakers. Computer monitors are outputs because they shoe you what your doing on the screen and what you are doing on the computer. Printers are output devices because when you want to print you work that you've done you have to tell the computer to print and when the printer has printed, your work has copied from your computer and printed out from it.

Input devices are devices that input information to your computer. Here are some examples of input devices: Keyboards, scanners, a mouse and a touchpad. Scanners are input devices because when you scan a piece of work, you put the information into the scanner for it to scan and pick up the information. Keyboards is an input devices because it inputs what you type onto the computer so you are able to see what you are typing because it inputs it onto the screen. The process is stage 2

The processor

The Processor is what the computer that uses the input device to process for example:

When you turn on a camera that's the input part. When you take a picture that's the processing part because it the picture being taken and loading up on the screen. The output part is the part when the picture is on the screen and your finished picture is on the screen. Just remember:

Input, process, Output

Mother Boards

This is the main part of the computer because its where all the wires are connected together and they are plugged into the motherboard. The motherboard carries all the memory too. The Hard drive disk too. The motherboard contains all the many different parts that the computer needs to work. The most important ones are:

The power supply unit- supplies all the power for the computer to work

The Processor- The brain of the system because it preforms all the instructions

The expansion card - this adds extra features to your computer

Hard Drive

The hard drive is the storage part of the computer. Even when the computer is off, the storage still saves. The main ones are:

Optical Disks: The data is burnt on with a laser there are two different types of optical disks- DVDS and CDs. CDs can save photos and videos however DVDS are used for watching movies

Memory Stick: the memory sticks are small however they can store a lot of data. They are used to move information from one computer to another. They're often found in cameras

Hard Disk: These can hold a lot of data and can be found in computers. This is where all the games are stored.