Alcohol is actually really bad

Spoiler: makes you pretty violent.

How it makes you violent

  • Alcohol can affect the way your brain processes situations
  • The less stable the person, the worse alcohol will affect you
  • People do not think about factors beyond the situation

How that affects your relationships

Alcohol can be very problematic in different types of relationships. Parents can abuse children, wives can abuse husbands, coworkers can become tense and distant. Many factors in alcohol can change relationships in a negative way. It also may put people in relationships that they don't want to be in.

What happens to the victims of violence?

People who are caught in violent situations may suffer for the rest of their life. Memories from abuse do not ever go away, and many problems from being abused may arise. Many who are victims may also turn to alcohol and become the abuser in another situation.

Who is at risk?

People who have a harder time controlling their irritability, anger, and frustration, or are generally unstable are more likely to become violent while drunk.

Anyone, however, could be at risk for becoming aggressive while drinking alcohol.

In conclusion

  • Anyone is at risk to becoming violent because of alcohol
  • The person being abused or hurt because of the violence are at risk to also becoming the abuser
  • Alcohol is often very negative in most relationships