A look into my life

My Arrival at the Earnshaw House

Today Mr. Earnshaw brought me home to his family. They weren't very pleased with my presence. Mrs. Earnshaw began questioning her husband, by asking him "how he could fashion to bring that gypsy brat into her house." (27) The whole family even refers to me as it or thing, never once have they called my anything of human quality. Mr. Earnshaw's children also began scolding me as soon as they realized that Mr. Earnshaw brought me back instead of their gifts that he had promised them. His daughter, Catherine spit on me when she found out that her whip was lost on the journey home. After everyone calmed down and stopped harassing Mr. Earnshaw and myself, Nelly Dean, one of the housekeepers, was ordered to clean me up and give me clean clothes. Once I was all cleaned up I went to get into bed with the other children, but they refused to let me in bed with them, let alone even be in their room. So Nelly stuck me on the landing of the stairs, where I heard the sound of Mr. Earnshaw's voice and followed it to his room. When he realized that I was there and not in bed, Mr. Earnshaw got upset and kicked Nelly out of the house, before sending me off to bed.

Trading Horses with Hindley

Mr. Earnshaw purchased two colts for me and Hindley at the parish fair and generously gave both me and Hindley each a horse. I was given first pick, so I chose the most handsome of the two. My horse began to fall ill, so I told Hindley we needed to trade, for I no longer liked my horse. I said to him, " if you won't I shall tell your father of the three thrashings you've given me this week, and show him my arm, which is black to the shoulder." (28) But Hindley began to mock me and picked up an iron weight ready to throw it at me. So I threatened to tell Mr. Earnshaw of Hindley's plan to throw me out once Mr. Earnshaw passes away and the land is passed to him. This enraged Hindley and he hurled the weight at me, hitting me in the chest. I fell, but jumped right up and ran to tell Mr. Earnshaw, but Nelly stopped me before I could reach the house. Hindley reluctantly gave me his colt, but began to curse me by saying he hoped I "may break my neck" (29) and that he hopes the horse will "kick my brains out" (29) After Hindley was done cursing me, I walked over to move my new horse to my stall and Hindley tripped me and ran away as fast as he could. After recovering from my fall, I got up, switched saddles and sat down to rest on a bundle of hay.

Spying on the Lintons

Catherine and I escaped to Thrushcross Grange, because we saw the light coming from the house. We were curious on whether or not the Linton children were forced to do the same things we were to do. Such as "reading sermons" (35) or forced to "learn a column of Scripture names." (35) Upon arriving at the Grange, Catherine and I crept "our way up the path." (35) and planted ourselves under one of their windows. From here we could stand to see in at their beautiful home with their beautiful furniture. Inside the house, only the Linton children were there, Edgar and Isabella. While we were watching them play, they heard us begin to laugh. Both children began screaming for their parents, so me and Cathy began to run. But Catherine fell, the Linton's servant had let out their dog and it had grabbed Cathy by the ankle. One of the Linton's servants came out to get the dog and helped Cathy inside, for she was bleeding. I began cursing at them for allowing their dog to hurt my friend. The Lintons didn't like this, Isabella even told her dad to "put him in the cellar papa" (36), as the whole family began inspecting me like I was some sort of foreign object. After realizing who we were, Mr. Linton sent me back to Wuthering Heights because i was cursing and making a scene. Catherine stayed so they could take care of her. When Hindley found out what happened to Cathy and the things I said to the Lintons, I was forbidden from talking to Catherine.

Seeing Catherine for the First Time in 5 Weeks

After 5 weeks at Thrushcross Grange Catherine returned home to Wuthering Heights. When she arrived Hindley would only let me shake her hand and wish her " welcome, like the other servants." (40) As soon as Catherine saw me she "bestowed seven or eight kisses"(40) on my cheek. But she began to insult me by saying that I looked " very black and cross" (40) She even went on to say I looked "funny and grim." (40) Before I could respond Hindley told me to shake hands, but I refused by telling Catherine that "I shall not stand to be laughed at."(40) but I shook her hand anyway, after she apologized for making fun of me.

Meeting Linton Heathcliff

Today Nelly brought Linton Heathcliff home to Wuthering Heights where he belongs. Linton was quite scared with a "frightened eye" (154) at the sight of me and Joseph and when I asked him to come down and come inside, Linton began to cry covering his face in Nelly's shoulder. He had very "slender arms" and "small fingers" (154). I explained to Linton that he belongs with me, for he is my son and the rightful successor of my land. It would give me great "triumph in seeing my descendant fairly lord"(155) of my estate. I even hired a tutor to teach Linton, he can learn anything he chooses to learn. I even have a room upstairs for him which is "furnished for him in handsome style" (155). Joseph went and fetch some milk porridge and gave it to Linton. But Linton had no clue how to eat it, all he did was make a "homely mess with a look of aversion." (155) Linton requested for something else to eat, so Joseph went and got it for him. When it was time for Nelly to leave, Linton began to cry screaming, "Don't leave me! I'll not stay here!" (156) but Nelly was gone.

Important Relaionships

Hareton Earnshaw - My nephew, the son of Hindley Earnshaw. I have taken care of Hareton ever since he was a baby because, Hindley, being a drunk, is unfit to care for a child. I seek revenge upon Hindley for the abuse I received from him as a young child, and I take it out on Hareton. I do not physically harm the child but I do prevent him from learning to read, write, or even learn proper manners.

Linton Heathcliff- My son, also the son of my deceased wife, Isabella Linton. When I first saw him I thought he was extremely weak and pale. I encourage Linton to marry Cathy Linton. I do so in hopes of gaining control of Thrushcross Grange, after Cathy's father Edgar Linton passes away.

Edgar Linton- My brother-in-law, he married Catherine Earnshaw. I have ultimate hatred for Edgar, who stole my one true love, Catherine. In my efforts for revenge, I had my son marry his daughter to gain control of his land once he dies.