Roman Empire

By: Jonah.Smith


In my resherch I learned a lot. the first thing paraghraph you w[ll be talking about the struggle beetween Rich and poor.After that that is the decline and fall of rome.then you will be exploring the punic war. Finely ill sum up the hole thing in my conclusion.

how the Struggle was beetween Rich and Poor

The rich take all the good land. They are also increase there Estate.Plus the rich and poor are fighting for power. Also the rich are monopolized the public pasters.

The Decline and Fall

The Black sea was renamed Constantiople in 330 bc.Theodosius was the last empire to rule rome. When Theodosius died rome split into eastern and western parts.180 to 284 27 people were picked to be empires.

The punic war

The war began in 264 bc. the war lasted two centuries. carthaginian was destroyed in 146 bc. Rome was the chief of land.


My resherch tought me an lot ofof things. It has also made me intersted in Rome a lot more. Like hoe Rome split into eastern and western parts. The most enteresting part is the war to me. Iwould like to resherch Rome agien