Walking 4 Wishes

Make a diffrance? How bout be the diffrance

Don't miss a day of smiles, memories, and whishes

Come out and be a change for you and others. You may ask how well we have the answer here. Come and walk with millions of others and it only takes one simple step! Just donate shoes that are in good condition for even new. Theses shoes will be given to kids in other contires that have nothing but hope and wishes. But how will this help you? Walking ca change you life in many ways. Health, how you look, and knowing that someone else in the world has a smile on there face because of you. Help us make wishes come true.

Walking 4 Wishes

Tuesday, March 15th, 10:30am-4pm

Skyway Drive

Monroe, NC

5K to make wishes come tru as well as fun and games for eveyone. Don't forget to bring shoes to donate.
  • 10:30 Arival time
  • 11:20 Hand out watert bottels and and towels
  • 11:40 Start 5k
  • 1:00 Start shoe donation
  • 2:30 Prizes for most shoes given
  • 2:40 Fun and games
  • 4:00 Clean up