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The amazing Country KAZAKHSTAN
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Ethnic Make Up:

Kazakh - 63.6%; Russian - 23.4%; Uzbek - 2.9%; Uygur - 1.4%; Tatars - 1.3%; German - 1.1%; Other - 3.9%




There are 2 official languages of Kazakhstan: Kazakh and Russian. Kazakh is a Turkic language and is spoken by 64.4% of the people although 100% of Kazaks speak Russian. Russian is the language of business in Kazakhstan.



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An ancient tradition for which the Kazakh people are well known is that of hospitality. They live by the motto: "Meet a guest as the God's messenger". Guests are always invited for a meal with the best foods being brought out for their consumption. If the guest has a musical talent, they will be asked to share a song or two. When a new family moves into an unfamiliar neighborhood, the residents go out of their way to try to make the newcomers feel at home by bringing them items for their home as well as having a welcome party for them. Sports and horse riding competitions are often arranged for the newcomers, as well as music and of course, more food. Another tradition has to do with marriage. Marriages are traditionally arranged by a matchmaker. When a successful match has been made, the potential bride's father gives the matchmaker a new coat. After the wedding, the couple must drink together out of a bowl of water with dissolved salt and sugar. This ritual will ensure that the couple will live a happy married life together.


Important Holidays

The New Year (January 1st-2nd)

International Women’s Day (March 8th)

One of the founders of the German Communist party, Klara Zetkin, proposed to select a day when women could attract public attention to their needs. Since 1914 this day has been celebrated spontaneously on March 8th.

Nauryz Meiramy (March 22nd)

Celebration of the spring equinox- considered to be the holiday of spring and nature revival, it has its roots and is very popular amongst many other oriental nations.

Unity of the Nations of Kazakhstan (May 1st)

This is the International solidarity day of the workers. Change of government and regime has often changed the meaning of this holiday in Kazakhstan. This holiday is significant of people of different nationalities living in peace and harmony (often associated with red carnations).

Victory Day (May 9th)

Celebrated in honor of the Soviet victory over Hitler’s Germany in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). People remember the soldiers and officers who died, and share a great sense of patriotism.

Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan (August 30th)

This day is celebrated in honor of the basic law of the country adopted in 1995 (the constitution declares Kazakhstan as a democratic, temporal and social state).

Independence Day (December 16th)



Popular Cuisine

Kazakh Cuisine:

The Cuisine of Kazakhstan is centered on mutton (lamb/sheep), horsemeat, and various milk products. For hundreds of years the people of Kazakhstan were herders who raised horses and sheep- heavily relied on animals for transportation, clothing and food.

The cooking techniques have long been influenced by the nomadic life style. For example, a lot of techniques are aimed at long-term preservation. There are also large practices in salting and drying meat, and there is a preference for sour milk.

Meat has always been the primary ingredient of this cuisine. The traditional cooking is based on boiling. Horse and mutton are the most popular and usually served in large uncut pieces.

Common Meals:

Kuurdak- “national meal” made with several types of meat, usually horse meat, and is fried in a pan or skillet.

Besbarmak- “most popular” dish consisted of boiled horse or mutton meat. Chunks of boiled meat are cut and served by the host in order of the guests’ importance. Usually eaten with a boiled pasta sheet and a meat broth called sorpa.



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