Out of my Mind

Sharon M. Draper


This is about a girl she is special. Her name is melody. She is a strong girl but not the way you would expect. She can not talk and she can not walk. She is very confident though. Her neighbor helps her though she is nice. But she makes Melody strong. Her name is violet. That name matches her well, because she likes to where violet colors. She makes a entire new board for melody. She gets really good at the words so good that she tries out for audition to go to a competition for words. She won the competition.Now she going to Nationals. They dont win, she went out to at a restraunt she goes and hangs out with her class mates. They support her a lot. I rate this book 5 stars. Because it is entertaining and thrilling. I learned to never under estimate somebody.


These are some of the charter.

  • Melody
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Mrs. Violet
These are just some of the great characters in the book

The End