Mary Munford Library Minutes

June 2015

New Books Reward!!!

Dear teachers,

Because of the fact that you encouraged your students to read, our library circulation was high. Therefore, we were rewarded by the Richmond Public School Library Services with an additional book order for Mary Munford's Library for $750.00! The books are contemporary and classical prize-winning titles.


Thanks again to the individual teachers and grade teams for contributing suggestions and ideas for the library lessons!

Kindergartners listened to stories about plants, insects, seasons, and family (especially mothers). They were also introduced to well known authors (Lois Ehlert, Robert Munsch, and Mem Fox). Caldecott books were again our literary focus for K-1st grade students. Language activities included choral and echo reading, recitation of short poems, rhymes, and stories. The first grade students listened to books about the life cycles of plants and animals, U.S. symbols, and our multicultural differences. The second graders had guided reading lessons based on stories about magnets, reference books, animals, and early biographies. They learned how to find people, places, and things in the encyclopedia, and write them down in their own words. Mrs. Kulp's third grade were assigned a project on biographies. Students worked very hard on finding information in the encyclopedias, books, and online resources. Most of the third grade students had mini activities on comparing information in references books. The fourth grade students created PowerPoint presentations on the historical figures of Colonial time. Some of the fifth grade classes were introduced to or reviewed different types of poems. We had literary circles where students shared their favorite poems, and some of them wrote cinquain and haiku poems. We also read short articles and discussed how headlines are similar to a summary. They read articles from local newspapers and had to come up with their own headlines.

All of your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Happy summer break to all!

Summer Reading List

Once again, students were provided with Summer Reading Lists K-6. Primary grades are asked to read 10 books, and grades 3-5 are required to read 700 minutes over the summer. The paper copy of their Reading Record has to be turned in to me by September 18, 2015.

Follow the link to find the lists and additional information on the Summer reading.