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Students are already learning about Personal Financial Literacy through Social Studies and in high school Economics. The Personal Financial Literacy strand embedded in the Math TEKS Grades K-8 integrates this real world concept into the area of mathematics. Some PFL student expectations can be easily taught through a mathematical context.

For example in 8th grade students are expected to…

8.12D calculate and compare simple interest and compound interest earnings.

Most 8th grade math teachers will be able to cover this standard within the unit on rational numbers.

Other PFL standards could require more time and preparation.

Consider the following 3rd grade standard:

3.9B describe the relationship between the availability or scarcity of resources and how that impacts cost.

Teaching this standard to 3rd graders will more than likely require several days of instruction.

To support teachers across the region, we have created a public livebinder with resources to help teachers plan instruction and design lessons incorporating the PFL TEKS. This is a working livebinder, so tabs will be added to the binder as we find addititonal resources. If you have any suggestions, please email them to

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